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The Flow and Flourish Podcast

Nicole Rhone | Host & CEO of Flourishing, LLC

Five Star Rated

This podcast was created to help women, just like you (and a few men too) create sustainable success by managing your capacity. In this community, we believe that when you flow effortlessly, you flourish tremendously, in ALL areas of your life.


Based on five pillars, we talk about how to create flow in each area, without ever having to sacrifice yourself, your family and what matters most to you.


The Pillars

Get Your Values,  Priorities and Actions on the Same Page

Heart Flow

Relationships | Values | Boundaries

Work Flow

Growth | Fulfilment | Balance

Health Flow

Health Flow.png

Mental | Physical | Emotional

Faith  Flow

Faith Flow.png

Foundation | Functioning

Cash Flow

Cash Flow.png

Mindset | Habits | Legacy

Listener Testimonials

La'Shay Painter

"Yassss for Mama Gotta Have a Life Too! Love love love the podcast!!
Engaging, informative, and inspiring. Keep it coming!"
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