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I'm Nicole

Hey there!

HR Leader | Capacity Coach | Author | Podcast Host | Corporate Trainer | International Speaker

As a Human Resources Leader and Capacity Coach, I've partnered with hundreds of individuals and organizations. I help women and businesses maximize their time, create work-life balance strategies, and cultivate healthy habits, healthy people, and healthy businesses. All by focusing on managing capacity.

As the CEO of Flourishing, my coaching and consulting company, I'm committed to helping both individuals and businesses understand how a lack of capacity can create a barrier to sustainable success.


Because of my corporate experience with supporting billion-dollar, Fortune 500 organizations for over a decade, I understand the unique challenges of both busy, high-performing individuals and the need for organizations to empower + equip their most valuable asset... people!


And I know this because I've sat eyeball to eyeball with leaders at every level, coached entrepreneurs, and worked with those who live the best of both worlds. And the fact remains the same... 

We ALL wear many hats in our personal and professional lives. Success and fulfillment, however you define them, require time management, strategy, and tools for both!

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I'm A Mom

Regardless of all the titles, accolades, and success, I'm a mom first! And that means leading by example is important to me. I do what I do because I want my children to live lives that are happy, fulfilling and flourishing  both personally and professionally.

I know what it's like to feel like I have to sacrifice my career to show up and be a good mom, and I also know how it feels to put my duties as a mom on the backburner to show up in my career. Neither feels good, and it doesn't have to be that way. You can have BOTH!

And did I mention that I'm the 2nd oldest of 10 (yes, you read that right!) siblings? So I've been like a 2nd mom to them for as long as I can remember. In both situations, I've learned to MAKE time and CREATE balance for me and what matters most. 

I'm A Wife

This is something I'm extremely proud of! Just like being successful in your career or business, and the desire to be a good parent...



And it takes capacity! I'm blessed to have a supportive husband and grateful for the healthy marriage we have today, but it hasn't always been that way. I share openly how we've gone through separation, counseling, and being honest about what works and what doesn't. What you see in this picture is the result of that work.


As wife, it's essential for me to manage my own capacity so I can show up in excellence in every area of my life. It allows me to be present in my marriage, make time to stay connected, and practice what I preach!

No longer do I feel like I have to choose between my marriage, family and desire to be fulfilled and successful, I know it's possible to have it all.


I'm A Woman

Above everything else, I'm an individual! And sometimes we can lose sight of that with all the hats, roles and responsibilities we have in our personal and professional lives.


For me, staying connect to my needs, wants, desires and values shape how I spend my time, who I spend it with and what I give my "yes" to! It helps my create capacity, fill up my own cup, and ultimately give from my overflow so I'm not running on empty! 


I love myself unconditionally at all times, and am more than enough!


Spend time with friends & family, go to the beach, and go to concerts!


Wheel of Fortune & Home Improvement Shows!

Kind Words

Client Testimonials

Joy Ekani

Before working with Nicole I felt lost.  She listened to me without judgement; she's literally a safe space! Nicole was able to guide me through imposter syndrome and gave me tips to overcome it."


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Let's talk about how I can help you create your ideal work-life balance, manage your time effectively, and release what no longer serves you in this season of your life!

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